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Dandelion seeds don’t have any say on where the wind will take them when it is time to venture on. And just like military kids who are along for the ride, they go where their parents and the military take them and find a way to be resilient and start all over again. They put down roots, create new friends, find routines and then a strong wind blows and they get to do it all over again.  These beautifully detailed sculptures, each come with a unique tiny faerie (just 2.5inches high) sitting reading her book of memories and dreams.  Each faerie will be slightly different with a variety of coloured headbands and hairstyles.

This  sculpture is not a toy and may contain some sharp ends, and not recommended for children to play with and we can take no responsibility if used as such. Please keep out of direct sunlight - the silver plated wire used is tarnish resistant but will change colour over time.

All products can be especially made to order


Dandelion and Faerie Wire Sculpture Handmade Ornament Military

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