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Beth -  The Hedge Witch
Made using copper coloured wire and various coloured wires, she stands her ground on a wooden plinth.  Approximately 12cms high yet huge in presence.   Leaning on her beautifully decorated staff she holds the elements at bay and while gathering herbs beyond the hedge.
There are plenty of ways to incorporate hedge witchcraft into your daily life, and most of them involve simple actions of living mindfully and magically.
Look at small domestic tasks from a spiritual perspective. Whether you're cooking dinner or cleaning the bathroom, focus on the sacredness of the actions. Baking bread for your family? Fill that bread with love! Also, speak to your house—yes, that's right, talk to it. Your home is a place of magical energy, so when you walk in after a day at work, greet the house. When you leave for the day, tell it goodbye, and promise to return soon.

Get to know the spirits of land and place around you. Work with them, and invite them into your life with songs, poems, and offerings. The more you open yourself up to them, the more likely they will be to offer you gifts and protection when you need it.
This lovely witch is not a toy and may contain some sharp ends, so is not recommended for children to play with and we can take no responsibility if used as such. 

All products can be especially made to order

Handmade Hedge Witch - Beth - wire sculpture ornament

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