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Hazel is our resident lazy fairie who loves to read books.  Her book is a tiny legible local Avebury story bound in wood with paper pages.

Hazel is approximately 13 inches long and comes on her plinth, she is made using silver plated wire.

Her wings are wrapped in copper wire and her skirt  and little bra top is also wrapped with copper wire .  She has 4 Tigers Eye beads in her wings. A stone of protection, Tiger Eye may also bring good luck. It has the power to focus the mind, promoting mental clarity, assisting us to resolve problems objectively and unclouded by emotions. Particularly useful for healing psychosomatic illnesses, dispelling fear and anxiety.

Hazel is not a toy and may contain some sharp ends, and not recommended for children to play with and we can take no responsibility if used as such. Please keep out of direct sunlight - the silver plated wire used is tarnish resistant but will change colour over time.

All products can be especially made to order

Hazel - Handmade Silver plated Wire Fairy Sculpture Ornament

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