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The angels  who decided to fight for the honor and glory of God advanced further in the battle against Satan and his evildoers. Miguel raised his blazing sword of truth. Satan arrogantly said to him  Who like me? and Miguel's answer was -Who as God? Making him understand that the almighty is God. Clearly Satan (Lucifer) lost in that battle, and that was how he was expelled along with the angels who joined him and rebelled against God. In this way the name of Miguel was recognized and being the most powerful Angel.

Miguel sits on his named plinth ready for fighting for the good of mankind.

Miguel comes carefully boxed with his certificate of Authenticity. He is not a toy and may contain some sharp ends, he not recommended for children to play with and we can take no responsibility if used as such. Please keep out of direct sunlight - the silver plated wire used is tarnish resistant but will change colour over time.

All products can be especially made to order

Miguel - Sil Plated wire ornament - Avebury Faerie

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