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Unfortunately Sally is now sold but a very similar one can be made within 3-4 days - Sally - approx 12" but seated (so 5" x 6") Silver plated and Gold plated wire Faerie sculpture.  Sitting contemplating her flower.  She is beautifully finished with silver clothes and golden hair.  Her wings are filled with silver plated wire and she is wearing her gold and silver plated hairband.  Sally comes carefully boxed with her certificate of Authenticity. She is not a toy and may contain some sharp ends, she not recommended for children to play with and we can take no responsibility if used as such. Please keep out of direct sunlight - the silver plated wire used is tarnish resistant but will change colour over time.

Sally - Sil Plated wire ornament - Avebury Faerie =SOLD

  • We are always happy to accommodate any problems thet might arise and will do our very best to ensure your purchase with Avebury Faeries ends with our customers satisfaction

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