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Sheena - Avebury Faeries beautiful skipping flying faerie is made using stainless steel wire.  She measures 12 inches in height and her wingspan is approx 8 inches.  

Carefully woven in the magical village of Avebury surrounded by the mystical and magestic stone circle.  Create your own fantasy garden and bring the faeries in to look after your plants and family <3

Here is your chance to own a flying Avebury Faerie.  These medium sized faeries can be made to order.  They are all flying as in the pictures, and will vary from faerie to faerie.  Made with stainless steel wire and approximately 12 inches long with a wingspan of approx 12 inches.  Please message for specific photo before placing order and we will send directly.

These faeries are designed to hang in the garden and are not a toy.  Not recommended for children as may contain sharp edges.

Sheena - Outdoor Wire Sculpture - Avebury Faeries

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